Welcome to Haitian International Group (HIG), the result of the determination of a group of Haitians scattered throughout the Haitian Diaspora and Haiti, whose sole purpose is to assist Haiti to move forward.

The Haitian International Group is an economic enterprise whose mission is to provide an alternative to traditional funding agencies and a medium through which Haitians everywhere can participate in Haiti's development by investing in managed risk profitable opportunities, or social projects that are likely to create sustainable jobs growth and wealth for the people of Haiti.

We are pleased and flattered by your visit. In case you are interested in investing with us, please click on: Weblog, or call: Tel: 917-498-4962 or 312-735-6297

Thank you.

* Note to visitors to this site

  • Governance of HIG is pleased to advise all visitors to this site as we signed on commercial and development projects well designed and articulated will be attached to items which are published on our site in due course to pick your interest.
  • We also encourage young entrepreneurs to submit their projects to the Executive Committee of HIG to build a database of projects, especially for a consideration of funding and implementation.