Our Objectives

The Group's immediate objectives:

  • Establish a Development Fund for Haiti in order to promote and finance various government projects, social and private programs such as: vocational centers, credit unions, housing, and community center development whose primary purpose is to provide social services at reduced cost or totally free to the people of Haiti.
  • To generate interest and persuade Haitians, all citizens of Haitian descent, investors, international financial institutions, and financial speculators, fund and invest in various projects to be undertaken by the Haitian government; private companies, associations, individuals and groups of individuals. The group will also seek to find and provide the country with the possible sources of grants and funding at preferential rates across the globe.

For long-term objectives:

  • To open a multi-facetted center that would provide a source for dialogue and resources to multiple groups and organizations. The center will be the stepping stone to connect the efforts of Haitian International Group, those interested in investing in Haiti to contribute to improving the lives of Haitians. It will help promote long-term employment for young people, develop human resources in the private sector and to support innovative enterprises. It will also be a rallying point for everyone.
  • Create a Knowledge Bank consisting of multidisciplinary professionals whose task will be to develop a Data Bank. The database will be available to the government, private institutions and all those who need reliable data to make decisions that may significantly affect the lives of Haitians in the immediate future and their bottom line.