Our Projects

The primary purpose of the Haitian International Group is to support the Haitian farmers in their daily struggle against poverty in order to mitigate the impact of the global food crisis in the peasant way of life that is almost impossible to meet his basic needs and help the country attain food self-sufficiency. This struggle is essential in the context of protecting national sovereignty is the responsibility of every citizen. Our company wants to consolidate the cooperative borrowers to facilitate obtaining the necessary funding if some potential customers would be unable to meet the requirements of the bank.

We want to work with country authorities in order not to exclude the government's priorities in the context of products targeted by the Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture. It will be the same with the National Identification Office to enable the bank to streamline the process for identifying borrowers and facilitate their reunification team. We will facilitate and obtain loans to farmers who own very little land.

The loan terms are for the most part based, on predetermined criteria on the world market, the only difference is that this institution will help the farmers organized themselves in group to become a viable entity. In doing so, we will group the owners of small plots in groups of individuals with 10 acres of land at least. We will also guide the choice of seeds that the farmers plant in order to enable the farmers funded in our program to remain within the predetermined priority of food to meet domestic needs first and those in the international market secondly.

We will direct the Haitian farmer on his responsibilities not only towards our bank, but also his community.

Each borrower will be evaluated upon these 3 general conditions:


The manner in which a person or a cooperative has treated its past obligations or debt that is to say, the history of its activities toward its debtors and personal history. We will also be taken into account: the honesty and reliability of the borrower to pay its debts.


How the resources or the level of debt a borrower can easily be responsible for. Its sources of income are analyzed as well as any legal obligations, which could interfere with the repayment of its debt.


The resources currently available for the assets of the borrower, such as: real estate, commodities, savings or investments that could be used to repay the debt if the debtor's income would experience a significant delay or would not available due to disasters beyond their control or simply the inability of the borrower to repay the obligation.

In addition to this, the Haitian International Group will open production plant and packaging to ensure that farmers sell their products at a competitive price and within a reasonable time. This measure taken by HIG will not only ensure the payment of loans but also the protection of investors' money.

Marketing and Processing Loans

The purpose of this loan program is to support the marketing and processing activities related to the production of agricultural commodities. Our bankers are able to understand the unique needs of a diversified agricultural industry. They will thus guarantee loans customized to meet the needs of targeted communities.

It is also envisioned in a not too distant future, access to agricultural loans related to commercial loans. The main aspect of this category is the service provided.

Examples of services include: agricultural spraying, fertilizer, custom harvesting, grain drying/ storage, livestock, veterinary services and traction for farmers, purchase of tools and record keeping. This listing is not complete, we have a large number and services not listed here.